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Place an enquiry and our expert support team will answer all your questions.

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Meet Our Team


Our design team will provide you drawings and designs as per your requirements.

Receive Drawings


Track the progress of the project and pay stage-wise as per work done.

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Happy New Home!
May the walls ring with love and laughter.

Move In

Why Work with HR Constructions?

At HR Constructions, we give you a whole new experience of planning, designing and constructing a personalized property for your residential or commercial use.

Once you hand over your project to us, the next step for you is to settle into your ready-to-live home or ready-to-use office space. We take care of all that needs to happen in between. This holistic approach is precisely what makes us distinguished as a home building solution provider in Bangalore.

Efficient consultation services

Approach us with any structure you fancy or any preset construction budget. We transform your vision into reality by producing cost-effective construction plans while being super-innovative with ideas and designs, matching your cost constraints.

Reliability and peace of mind

We have created wonder homes at competitive costs for our customers who have reposed trust and confidence in us. Compliance and transparency being the pillar of our modus operandi, we ensure the delivery of 100% Govt. approved projects within your desired time frame.

Comprehensive building solutions

We are a one-stop construction solution provider in Bangalore taking full charge of operations from the inception of ideas to the completion of projects. To our customers, we provide a complete package of building homes or office spaces with architectural detailing and interior designing solutions.

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